Out of an abundance of caution regarding Covid-19, I have decided to cancel all operating sessions for the foreseeable future, until the infection rate and/or threat level has been reduced.

My apologies to all that look forward to operating on my layout.  But with the close physical quarters of 25-30 people in the layout room for 4 hours, and mostly people over the age of 60+ which is the highest risk group, I think you can understand why I just have to do this.  I could not live with myself if one of my good model railroad friends whom I’ve known for years became seriously ill and/or died from it.

I personally am in that highest risk group due to my previous 2 heart attacks, so there is a good deal of self-concern / self-preservation also.



Operating Saturday evening session dates.  Normal pattern is ODD months, 3rd Saturday of the month, except as noted below.  Arrive after 5:15PM, clock on 5:45PM sharp.  Runs for 4 hours.

  • 1/18/20  -- Cancelled due to bad weather (Ice storm by me)
  • 3/21/29 -- CANCELLED
  • 5/16/20 -- CANCELLED
  • 7/18/20 -- CANCELLED (Hopefully not, maybe Covid-19 better by now?)
  • 9/19/20 -- CANCELLED Ditto
  • 11/21/20 -- CANCELLED Ditto

Operating WEEKDAY daytime session dates.  Normal pattern is EVEN months near end of month, no other pattern.  Arrive after 9:30AM, clock on 10:00AM sharp.  Runs for 3 hours, or when everyone has had enough

  • 1/28/20  --  "Makeup" session for 1/18/20 cancelled session for day timers only.
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